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Createur en Mouvement

A DanseDanse project

Danse\Danse established the Createur en Mouvement program to support the development of new contemporary dance pieces. The program’s web platform provides a public showcase for the participating artists.

Through Createur en Mouvement, Danse Danse invites the public to take a sneak peek at the research and creative process, follow the evolution of a dance piece in real time, and experience a different side of dance.

Creator in the Spotlight

José Navas

The artist selected for the 2019-20 edition of Createur en Mouvement is José Navas. José Navas is currently creating “Winterreise”, a contemporary dance and live music version of the song cycle Winterreise by Franz Schubert.

Founder and artistic director of Compagnie Flak, José Navas carries out his overall artistic approach in three distinct ways: he dances with intensity in solo shows charged with emotion, he constructs abstract and captivating group pieces, and he creates pieces of contemporary ballet with classicism and sensitivity.

To see a solo performance by José Navas is to experience just how far dance can go to stir your spirit and soothe your soul. For his new creation, he was captivated by the desire to translate Schubert’s beloved song cycle into movement. Winterreise (Winter Journey), the composer’s final work before his death in 1829, is infused with operatic themes of tragedy that beautifully serve Navas’s own creative process as a maturing artist. This evocative performance beautifully intertwines the solo dancer with live piano and voice.

Through the Créateur en Mouvement platform, you can follow the development of this new work. Discover this rich universe through rehearsal photos and videos, interviews with members of the creative team, and the choreographer’s own remarks.

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A behind-the-scenes look at the creative process

Producing the kind of large-scale works presented by Danse Danse and major venues around the world doesn’t happen overnight. The lengthy creative process involves research, work in the studio, technical run-throughs … Each step is essential to bringing an artist’s vision, ideas and feelings to life.

The creative process also involves a whole lot of people: dancers, writers, rehearsal directors, sound designers, lighting designers, costume designers … Let us introduce you to this backstage world!

More than 400 hours of preparation can go into a single one hour work for public performance.

The various stages of the creative process are described below. Join us as we unveil and explore the creative world of dance through the Créateur en Mouvement platform!



Researching a new contemporary dance work is a special experience for the choreographer and the creative team. During this stage, the team tries out different ideas, experiments with various dance moves and how they work in the performance space, and researches the theme of the piece.



This is the stage when the choreographer has to make decisions-and that's not always easy! Selecting the elements that will make up the final work can be instinctive, or it can be agonizing. At this point, the choreographer collaborates with other artists to develop the work: set designer, lighting designer, sound designer, rehearsal director, technical director, etc.



This is the stage when the choreographer and the creative team share their work with the public. A few days before the show opens, the company moves into the theatre and sets up the technical framework of the show-sets, lights, props, and other elements-and rehearses on stage. During the run, a technical crew is on hand to ensure that every performance runs smoothly.



Going on tour is a magical moment, as the entire team travels to present the show to other communities and new audiences. Besides extending the run of a show, touring plays an important part in the artists' professional development and helps build connections among artists, companies and audiences at home and abroad.


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