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Virginie Brunelle in Stuttgart | Rehearsals

Stuttgart • Theaterhaus • Virginie Brunelle meets the dancers of Gauthier Dance

Video by Robin Pineda Gould

The adventure is taking shape for the montrealer choreographer and Isabelle Arcand, her dancer and assistant for the piece she’s currently creating in  Gauthier Dance.

The contemporary and unique Universe of Virginie Brunelle is going to meet ballet dancers : even though the rigour is identical for both of these two Worlds, energy, movements, shared emotion are all different. Nevertheless, richness results from difference, right?


The main concern will be, in this intense week, to create a visual, emotional and technical unity, midway between contemporary expressiveness and classical elegance. As she’s already been working the choreography with her dancers in Montréal, Virginie will put into practice what she imagined through the Gauthier Dance Company’s dancers. A dogged work is waiting the choreographer and her new dancers in getting comfortable with the movements and in the harmonization of techniques.

Here are some rehearsals images ; the mix offers a genuine choreographic interest. From the beginning, the piece orchestrated by Virginie for “Grande Dames” – which will be in World Premiere on July 12th 2018 at Theaterhaus Stuttgart and in Montreal Premiere  on october the 31st 2018 at la Place des Arts – promises beautiful moments.

Credits : Robin P. Gould