Montreal • Pierre-Eliott Trudeau Airport, april 2018 •  Let the adventure begin for Virginie Brunelle!

Vidéo par Robin P. Gould

Virginie Brunelle is going to fly to Stuttgart with Isabelle Arcand, her dancer since her beginnings in her company and choreographer assistant for this great project. Virginie has already been working on the piece she’s going to present at Gauthier Dance Company in Germany and in Montreal. Now she goes for several intense days to meet the german dancers

At the airport, Virginie and Isabelle are getting ready for a mad rhythm they will follow during those next days. The apprehension of the unknown mingles with the enthusiasm of the new and a frenzy lingers above them. The main concern for Virginie will be understanding the way of working of the ballet dancers in order to merge the best of Ballet in the Contemporary’s universe. We already interviewed David Campbell, one of her Montrealer dancers, to see how Virginie changes in advance her way of building a choreography. This will be THE moment for her to see the fulfillment of her work on the other side of the ocean.

Landed in Germany, the prestigious Theaterhaus of Stuttgart welcomes them with open arms promises a unique experience, of life and as artists.

©Robin P. Gould for Createur en Mouvement


Our video maker Robin P. Gould is following the choreographer and her assistant to capture the beautiful moments of this big adventure, which is rich as far as cultural, artistic and technique go. We’ll make you taste this unique universe and you’ll be able to see the everyday-life of a choreographer during the creation process of a new piece. You’ll enter the backstages of creation and will discover before everybody the improvement of the choreography – in Mondial Premiere on July 12th in Stuttgart

©Robin P. Gould for Createur en Mouvement