Créateur en Mouvement

José Navas, his relationship with his own body

Montréal, May 2019. 

Last month, we went to a rehearsal of  José Navas, in his bright and charming studio, in the heart of Montreal. The choreographer and dancer welcomed us warmly and showed us a part of his piece in creation, Winterreise. After dancing, he spoke with us about the relation he has with his own body: at 55, it’s with a body that lived, that has been injured, that transforms itself easily, that José Navas create this new dance work. He wants it to be minimalist and true, sincere: on stage, we’ll be able to admire one dancer (José Navas), one singer and one pianist we will meet very soon.

Discover in video somes words of José and some parts of his rehearsal:

“What’s interesting in this piece, that’s dancing with this truth, with this old age and finding the spirit behind all of this;

Because like the winter journey (Winterreise) […] every time we dance, we’re dancing to our death, to the last show”