Créateur en Mouvement

Hello José Navas!

For 2019 – 2020 edition of Createur en Mouvement, we will follow José Navas. Currently creating his new dance piece, Winterreise, that he’ll share to the public through 10 dates at Place des Arts in February 2020, José Navas invites you to enter in his studio, in his office and, sometimes, even in his thoughts.

Meet this unique artist, who has a strong sensitivity and a sweet and mature inner thruth.

Learn more about his experience, inspire you and give yourself a moment to dream. 

“My goal is to […] give the public the hope to know, that in everything there’s movement, in everything there is hope, in everything there’s something positive, even in the death”

“Saying YES to life, saying YES to this everyday walk, to the old age, to the beauty… To the changement”

Very soon, prepare yourself to discover rehearsals, poems of Winterreise, costumes, life in the company and much more aspects of this amazing universe!

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