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Interview with Sandra Bourdais | Stuttgart

Stuttgart • Theaterhaus • Createur en Mouvement meets the dancer Sandra Bourdais

Video by Robin Pineda Gould

A few days before the World Premiere of “Grandes Dames” in Theaterhaus Stuttgart, we’ve met the dancer Sandra Bourdais, performer for “BEATING”, the piece of Virginie Brunelle.

She tells us what she learnt thanks to this great experience, full of art and new technique – specific to the unique universe of the Montrealer choreographer.

“I love the physicality in the work of Virginie […] With Virginie, it is more honest, in the sensation, in the depth, in you ; it’s personal, it’s not show-off, you have to truly feel it” : the dancers of Gauthier Dance met the talent of Virginie, her unique methods of working ; her pieces are stories alive through the dancers.

“In Virginie’s work, women are strong” : Virginie Brunelle likes to go over the conventions and mix the genders. In her choreographies, women and men do liftings without any distinction ; she loves duos with woman-woman or man-man, who are dancing together in a total equality.

Photos : Robin Piñeda Gould

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