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Interview with a dancer: David Campbell [Video]

Experience of David Campbell

  • When did you start dancing? I began to dance when I was 4 years old.
  • When dancing has switched from a simple hobby to a professional training? At age 18. 
  • Tell us about your experience in a few words.  When I was 18, I entered the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. After finishing their program, I did the Contemporary Dance school of Montreal (EDCM). Since this time, I worked with several choreographers and companies in Montreal and beyond: Ginette Laurin (O Vertigo), Claude Caron (Ballet Ouest), Hélène Blackburn (Cas Public), Roger Sinha (Sinha Danse), Hélène Langevin (Bouge de là).  


Collaboration with Virginie Brunelle

For your information, it is the first time David worked with Virginie. 

  • What marked your the most in Virginie Brunelle’s way of working?It is a mix between the Intuitive in studio and the search and work out of the studio. She can come with clear and accurate ideas, but in the studios she let them go (sometimes) to follow her instinct. 
  • How would you describe Virginie Brunelle’s work in studio? Visceral. She feels what she likes or not, and a lot of her moves go through the inner/inside. 
  • What marked you during the collaboration with Virginie?  The connexion and comfort that installed quickly ; it was like we worked together since a long time!
  • What is the best memory you have about your collaboration? A lot of moments are crossing my mind: a lot of laughs and pleasure. For a first collaboration I found it really special when we completed sentences from each others. 

  • For this piece with Eric Gauthier, Virginie is going to be working with ballet dancers: how did you feel that in her work?  She is aware of the challenges of working with ballet dancers. The physical demand is different, but moreover, the mental and emotional engagement she requires won’t be the same. 
  • What specific image(s) Virginie asked you to explore for this piece? We worked a lot on body textures, ways to take ballet technique and how to undo it, how to “get it dirty” in order to create a new form of moving. 
  • Tell us about the creation process, the way Virginie is working on this piece.  We created several pictures, several pieces and then we linked them. The similarities and differences together complete the ensemble. 




/ Video / His experience in one word

Credits : Sasha Onyshchenko/

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