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Interview with dancers | Theophilius & Barbara

Stuttgart • Theaterhaus • dancers Theophilius Veselý & Barbara Melo Freire from Gauthier Dance // Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Video by Robin Pineda Gould

Our video maker Robin, following Virginie and Isabelle since their first experience in Stuttgart, met the dancers of Gauthier Dance in order to learn more about their adventure.


I think it’s always interesting when we start a new process with a choreographer and when we’re coming to the studios ; the first moments are “ok, what’s gonna happen, what’s the plan?”. It was also interesting that Virginie worked with a group in Canada and translated the movements to us.

The beautiful thing is that it wasn’t like “that’s how I work with my people in Canada and you have to do exactly the same” ; it always moved. Everyday she came and she proposed something new for us to develop the movements and creation.

I found that very beautiful that she let this happen and we collaborated together to create.

Actually I’m also very exciting to meet canadian dancers, to talk with them what their experience is with this process.


Rehearsals Virginie Brunelle createur mouvementVirginie Brunelle Createur Mouvement stuttgart

Credits : Robin P. Gould

Credits : Regina Brocke

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