Stuttgart • Theaterhaus • this is the big day for Virginie Brunelle and all the artists of Grandes Dames

Theaterhaus Stuttgart Gauthier Dance

Photo by Robin Pineda Gould

Let’s go back to July, 12th 2018 – it feels like yesterday ; Virginie Brunelle and Isabelle Arcand are rehearsing one last time “BEATING”, the dance piece Virginie is going to present this night in World Premiere in front of the Stuttgart public. Excitement of the unknown gets mixed up with the apprehension of the “Out of controle”. Everybody is rehearsing every step, jump, lift. Concentration is at its climax. On stage, last technical details are refined.

It’s a big day for Virginie, who’s presenting her new work created with dancers of Gauthier Dance, who are ballet dancers.

Here are some photos :

Virginie Brunelle Eric Gauthier

Virginie Brunelle with Caroline Ohrt from Danse\Danse and Éric Gauthier from Gauthier Dance

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